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 People generally fall into one of two categories when they receive an invitation. Some expend their excitement solely on the event itself, enjoying every minute of the party, the ceremony, or the outing. For others, receipt of an invitation ignites anticipation and builds to fever pitch by the time the event begins. For those in this group the reality of the experience doesn’t always live up to the anticipation. However, as a confirmed, lifelong member of this latter group I’m finding myself strangely taking on a dual personality as July approaches – anticipating an event AND already wanting to throw myself totally into it. What’s caused this change in attitude? It’s the 2020 DKG Virtual Event being developed by members of the Information Technology (IT) Team at DKG Headquarters!

Dismantling a year’s worth of planning for the 2020 DKG International Convention in Philadelphia has truthfully been disheartening. Technology, however, is allowing the “show to go on” in a different format that gives all members the opportunity to participate as much or as little as they wish. It is the classic “making lemonade out of lemons” syndrome that is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, with plans for our alternative programming being finalized, it’s time to offer you an “invitation” to the event…
Who’s invited?  All virtual events are free of charge for all DKG members to access through the member side of the website. If you have never established access to the site, go to the CHAT feature on the website sign-in page (bottom right-hand corner) and ask for help NOW to be ready for events to come. Don’t wait till July 7th!

When?  Programming runs from July 7 – 10 with events planned throughout those days, both livestreamed and pre-recorded. A complete schedule will be posted on the website soon (Events page > Virtual Event) and will be included in the July-August issue of the DKG News. Events will be posted on the website for viewing later by those members not able to attend the initial showing.

How do I participate?  Sign into the website (see info under “Who’s invited?”) and go the 2020 Virtual Events page to access the programming. You do not have to have Zoom, the platform we will be using, to view the events.

What’s scheduled?  Events that parallel typical convention events will be offered:  two keynote speakers, 13 workshops, an interview with the author of Our Heritage IV, announcement of the 2020 Achievement Award winner, election results, installation of officers, a combined forum event on “Embracing Diversity,” and much more. Alas, there will be no business sessions!

Additionally, there will be opportunities available that parallel other convention features. Chapter presidents will receive via mail (postal) copies of the 2020 Celebration of Life booklet commemorating members who died during this biennium (1 copy per family of the member/1 for the chapter). Members who collect convention pins will be able to purchase the Philadelphia pin (shown above) with half the proceeds going to the Foundation. Shoppers will have the experience of buying from a virtual vendor, renowned Austin jeweler, Kendra Scott. She is donating 20% of the sales to our Emergency Fund, always a major convention fund-raiser. The 2020 DKG Virtual Event program will be posted on the website while our DKG 365 App will keep you informed on events all week. 

The 2020 DKG Virtual Event promises to be a memorable occasion. Make it even more special by having “after hours” Zoom parties and gatherings to mix and mingle with friends whom you would normally see at convention. This time I know the reality of the event will equal, if not surpass my anticipation leading up to it!

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  1. Sign into the website (see info under “Who’s invited?”) I couldn't seem to locate this on the website on the Virtual Event page.


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