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Caring for each other and yourself is critical during a pandemic. Actually, it’s critical no matter the global circumstances. But at this moment in our lives we have time to reflect on what this means and to start new habits that can take hold in one’s life following weeks of quarantine and the gradual reopening of society. This past weekend I took time to “chill out” by taking off an entire day. No DKG emails, calls, reports, documents to proof. It was scary at first, but as the day progressed I did succumb to a feeling of relaxation and renewal. Who knew reading a magazine, working on a cross stitch sampler, and watching a favorite British mini-series could have such a wonderful effect on a person? Now, here on Monday, my productivity is up. I’ve zoomed through countless emails and phone calls without blinking an eye. I’m even eating lunch, albeit at my standing desk, while writing this blog. (You must understand that I usually work through that time without food and make up for it with a larger than necessary evening meal. That won’t happen tonight!) With only one day of caring for myself, I’m operating at a happier state. It’s a great start for me.

Taking time for oneself is not a philosophy that I saw modeled in my childhood, adolescence, or even most of my adulthood. I hear others talk about it, but the women I’ve known and still know both in and out of DKG do not visibly display evidence that they relax. Perpetual motion is the norm. No idle hands allowed. Constant directed, meaningful motion is the model. Did I ever see Aunt Kat without a broom? Did I ever see my mother sit with a book to read? Did I ever see her sit? How many DKG colleagues do I really know who are taking care of themselves? We all tend to be racing from point A to point B with no rest in between. Do I ever just sit and contemplate the view outside my window? Truth be told, not nearly as much as I should and rarely with a deliberate idea of forgetting about anything besides the view itself.

COVID-19 is teaching me to care more unselfishly about myself. It is also teaching me to appreciate the thoughtfulness of others even more and to pay it back. Many of our members are heeding the call to care for others. Care packages are showing up in the mail to brighten the lonely existence of our more isolated members. The hand-written note is making a comeback, some on beautiful hand-made cards. A group of members even “shared a cup of tea” this past weekend at the e-invitation of Delaware State Organization Chapter President Terry Kopple. Another chapter is providing breakfasts to healthcare workers in local nursing homes where the death rates have been high and spirits are low. A staff member’s aunt made face masks for me so that I could be safe shopping for groceries. Several others rewarded my craving for fast food with take-out treats. (Vanilla milkshakes are tops on that list.) Showing you care is attaining sport status around the world.

How are you caring for yourself? For others? What you do comes back ten-fold in your increased emotional and physical energy. During this week there are three special days noted on US calendars: Teacher Appreciation Day, May 4th; Nurse Appreciation Day, May 5th; Mother’ Day, May 10th. Take time to reach out to show your concern to a teacher, a nurse or a mother this week. All of us need a boost at this point in the pandemic, especially those working with children, the ill, and those who brought us into this world. In the process it’s the best way to take care of yourself, too.

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  1. Thank you for these inspiring words!

  2. Thanks for your beautiful words.
    This is a challenging time for all of us.
    From Costa Rica DKG

  3. Inspired by your words. It has always been a case of busyness, often to the detriment of other concerns. This is an opportune time to re-evaluate priorities. Keep safe!

  4. Cathy, Thank you for your wonderful blog. I'm glad you are taking care of yourself. I know it must be hard for you to do as you stated you come from a long line of busy people. Continue to take care of yourself especially as you need to make important decisions for DKG and convention.

  5. So glad you had time to enjoy just being.

  6. Thank you Cathy, this was very much needed during this time. I really appreciate your caring words always, but especially now.


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