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The VIEW From Above 7

The last week of May 2020 begs each of us to consider what lies ahead as it ushers in an unpredictable summer. Visualize your last, favorite summer day. How will that day compare to what you will experience as your favorite summer day this year?

Without closing my eyes, I can see my ideal summer day. Flipping over periodically on an almost deserted South Nags Head beach with a favorite mystery author’s latest tome and an iced Diet Dr. Pepper within arm’s reach, sun overhead, and a slight breeze blowing equate to summer perfection in my mind’s eye. Unfortunately, it won’t happen in 2020! With travel for that annual beach trip nixed (thanks to no social distancing on any of the flights) and no open slots at our favorite beach rental available till next May, that 50-year-old tradition will not be realized this summer. Nonetheless, there will be some sort of favorite day recorded by the time Labor Day rolls around. As staying at home continues to be the “new normal,” my favorite summer …

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