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The VIEW From Above 12

Earlier in this blog series there was mention of a discussion the Administrative Board (AB) had at its May meeting, a discussion that left those members with HOPE for the future. Since expressing that sentiment, HOPE has popped into my mind repeatedly. Unwittingly, that powerful four-letter word was chosen as the 2019 DKG holiday card sentiment. I have often wondered. Was it a premonition that manifested itself in that choice? So, as I close out this series of conversations with you, HOPE is on my mind.

As the AB prepares for its last meeting of the biennium, reviewing tasks accomplished and those remaining to be completed will lead to meaningful reflection. Rather than confronting the usual list of agenda items, there will be the “tying up of loose ends” and discussion centered on biennial reports from groups throughout the organization. But among those loose ends and reports will be a constant thread that joins each biennium and maintains continuity throughout the years. You might …

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