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Sad to say, but the COVID-19 pandemic has effected change in DKG in ways no amount of coaxing has done over the last decade. Members at all levels are embracing technology to connect with one another on both personal and professional levels. The communication lines from Austin to our 78 state organizations and over 2,000 chapters are buzzing with blasts going out and replies being emailed back. “Reaching out” virtually is in vogue. Just this past week via ZOOM I attended a get-together with several of the state organization presidents that served when I was a regional director. We had a great time sharing how we were using our “shelter in place” time and just chatting. The four of us shared more information with one another via this medium than when we meet biennially over a meal at an international event. But this virtual gathering involved more than a social connection. Care and concern bubbled to the surface throughout the conversation. That’s what we all need now and, want it or not, technology is making it happen. Here are some examples of how we are rediscovering the need and importance of ‘’reaching out” to one another in all aspects of our lives and using technology as our modus operandi:

During the process of canceling the California State Convention the state leaders used two different virtual meeting platforms to conduct the necessary business. Following their decision to cancel the event, the state organization (SO) president shared, “… I realized how I as a state leader need to be more involved and encourage all members to keep in touch for personal support as well as taking care of DKG business.” Sue Noyes, California SO President

“We will have a virtual executive board meeting on the 25th and use GoToMeeting. We have business to transact. We put all of our workshop presentations on our state website. So, we are moving forward for sure.” Dr. Jill Branyon, South Carolina SO President

“I hadn’t heard of Zoom until recently; I had no need to know…I realized last week that my accounting students were lost in their understanding…It appears I will need to do a Zoom meeting for those students.” Dr. Paula Williams, Arkansas SO Webmaster

Tennessee State Organization under the leadership of Dr. Beverly Hall, Tennessee SO President, has launched a project to collect COVID-19 stories from members and chapters narrating both the impact on teaching and the impact on life under quarantine and social distancing mandates. State leaders are spreading the word using technology.

Additional examples will be noted in a special edition of GET CONNECTED, the newsletter produced by the Communications & Marketing Committee. Look for it to be posted on the website later this month.

Yes! Members are embracing more and different technological tools to stay connected. They are conducting business, socializing, and recording experiences associated with this unique historical global event. Share your stories, reflections, or activities that might benefit another member or chapter. What is your view from above the constraints posed by the COVID-19 pandemic?

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  1. It is nice to know that my Delta Kappa Gamma sisters are finally learning to ‘Zoom’ around to teaching, conferences, and meetings. If only we could sip wine together or meet for coffee that way! I retired in August of 2014. Every Wednesday since November of 2014 I have been on a conference call with teachers from California, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, New Jersey, and Delaware. We are part of a national Quality of Work Life in Education team which addresses the needs of students and educators in crisis. When I attended my first National Legislative Seminar in 2016 one of our speakers was part of the QWL team. Carrie Fisher had invited Darryl Alexander, the Director of Health and Safety for the American Federation of Teachers, to talk about workplace bullying and harassment. I had not met Darryl in person, but when she started to give her presentation I recognized her voice. She had been joining the QWL team conference calls every week for two years. After the 2016 NLS forum in Washington DC our team began using Zoom as a way to hold the weekly meetings. It was like meeting new friends because now we see each other every week. We hold meetings, develop webinars, and take action to support educators and students in crisis. A second team was created to work on local, state, and national legislation to end bullying and harassment in the workplace. Stay tuned to learn more about the Dignity At Work Act, or DAWA. Teachers in Massachusetts started the work. QWL members in Virginia worked with elected officials to pass a law to hold local school boards responsible for creating a safe working and learning environment in public education.

    1. Sad to say, but this crisis will force many member to embrace technology finally so that they can reach out to loved ones, friends, and colleagues. It is the silver lining in an otherwise horrible situation. And yes, you can have a ZOOM party and simply chat over a glass of your favorite beverage just as well as having a virtual meeting or class. At the end of the Administrative Board meeting in May, I plan to host a virtual "Happy Hour" on Zoom so that we can all get caught up on our personal lives. It will be a great way to end that meeting and perhaps our last official gathering for the 2018-2020 biennium.

  2. I enjoy reading about our DKG organization around the world Cathy. ☺

    1. Glad to provide the information to you! It's great to be part of a global network. That's a true benefit of membership that we often forget.


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